My process consists of four key phases. As a musician, I embrace the role of an actor in my music. I start by researching and gathering information to find the perfect musical aesthetic that resonates with the concept I’m working on. This involves drawing inspiration from various sources and exploring cultural influences. By immersing myself in this way, I create a unique and impactful musical experience that captures the essence of the landscape I’m portraying.



I talk with you about your specific music request.

I Analyze it and collect all the information and materials necessary to better understand how to approach the work. Which destination is/are the tracks required for? What story do you aim to tell or describe through the music?

Do you have any particular genre, structure, tempo, or dynamic preferences? Are there any initial ideas for instrument choices or the sound palette you would like to explore?



I will set the character and structure of the song/score and begin composing a rough version of it using the required voices, whether they are virtual instruments, recorded instruments, or samples. I will then send you a first demo of the project.

I will collect your feedback and ideas to ensure your satisfaction with the work in progress.


Arrangement and Mastering

I finish the work and refine it based on your guidelines. I pay attention to the details and then proceed to develop a mix that enhances the listening experience and carefully positions the voices in the frequency spectrum and spatial field.

I finalize the track by enhancing the stereo image and ensuring it matches the average industry level. I strike the right balance between loudness and dynamic preservation, creating a professional and polished result.



Once I have completed the entire work, I will send it to you for your review. I will collect your final feedback to ensure that all your requirements and expectations have been met.

During this stage, we can discuss any subtle modifications that may be possible in the project. This includes adjusting the behavior of instruments or making sound improvements based on your preferences.

I am committed to working closely with you to achieve the desired outcome and ensure your satisfaction with the final product.

Let's Collaborate on Your Musical Masterpiece

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