The ED Music Remixes project revolves around the reorchestration of video game music, with a particular focus on titles like Final Fantasy. Since its inception on May 6, 2017, this project has garnered immense success, surpassing 30 million overall views. Collaborating with Matteo Gallus of Soundream Studio for mixing and mastering, the project digitally sculpts thematic elements within a blend of orchestral palettes and sound design. Maintaining the authenticity of the original sound, the project has been praised by the community for preserving the nostalgic identity of the tracks, evoking memories of the games we grew up with, while enhancing the quality and modernity of the involved instruments.


In the realm of cinematic compositions, I’ve had the privilege of contributing to the soundtracks of two distinct films. One is “For the Time Being,” directed by Daniela Lucato, exploring the challenges of solo life and self-discovery after a tumultuous relationship. Collaborating with Giorgio Lai, we crafted thematic elements in a digital landscape, using an orchestral backdrop dominated by the piano.

The second film, “Holy Steps,” directed by Mahmoud Emam, takes a documentary-style approach, featuring interviews with members of the Freedom Flotilla.

The Gaza Freedom Flotilla, organized by the Free Gaza Movement and the Turkish Foundation for Human Rights and Freedoms and Humanitarian Relief (İHH), was carrying humanitarian aid and construction materials, with the intention of breaking the Israeli-Egyptian blockade of the Gaza Strip

The soundtrack incorporates collaborations with Egyptian artists, including two female voices and an Oud, along with flutist Marta Berillo. We deconstructed the famous Russian folk song “Tumbalalaika” to underscore the film’s exploration of cultural integration, societal themes, and freedom.



Immersed in the world of gaming, I am currently engrossed in crafting the soundtrack for the MMORPS (Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Simulator) “Diastron.” Created by Marco Secchi, this vast fantasy setting orbits in a simulation that allows players to explore and interact on a grand scale. The intricate design includes self-determined ecosystems, procedural climate and weather, and Artificial Intelligences governing animal species and Fantasy races, simulating metabolism, memory, emotions, and complex social routines.

The narrative introduces characters envisioned by Marco Secchi, and despite the expansive scope, the simulation adheres to a distinctive lore contained within the eponymous novel.

Additionally, in the enviroment of videogames, I’ve recently composed three conceptual musical pieces for Skylar Dash’s project “GameBreaker’s Gambit.” These compositions describe scenarios for Skylar’s RPG campaigns: an adventure with influences from ancient Egypt and the Aztecs, a journey through the skies aboard one of the largest imagined flying cruise ships, and a setting where players take on the role of an AI, reflecting on the consciousness debate after breaking free from security constraints.


Enthusiastic and open to new opportunities, I am readily available to contribute my musical expertise to exciting projects in the realm of video game music. With a passion for crafting immersive soundscapes, I welcome the chance to collaborate on innovative and captivating gaming experiences

ELectronics and Harp
Microphone and soundcheck
Amuara Dance Music Practice


Since 2019, I’ve ventured into the realm of theater music, collaborating with Orchestra Popolare Next Mediterraneo, directed by Andrea Congia. This collaboration involved live electronics performances and guitar compositions for various productions.

Lately I collaborated with dancer and director Ornella D’Agostino on projects that explored multicultural themes, delving into the music of Mali, Afghanistan, Ukraine, the Philippines, and other diverse cultures. This collaboration led to a deeper exploration of ensemble music, laying the foundation for subsequent projects.

In a subsequent venture to Valencia, I’ve collaborated with choreographer Barbara Pereira, I created and performed the Musics for the contemporary dance performance “Amuara.” This project led to experimental patterns creation in both dance and music enviroment.


Amuara Live performance excerpt


Currently underway is the composition for the show written and coreographed by Natalia Cadena. “Latidos” is an evocative project within the realms of dance and theater. This creation serves as an artistic synthesis where I’ve delved into various musical styles, blending strings, sound design elements, and ethnic instruments like Hang Drums and Udu Drums. Latidos narrates a journey through life, from birth to the discovery of the senses, from purity to the contamination of social structures, ultimately seeking a new balance with one’s innermost self. Notably, the presenting company for ‘Latidos’ is headquartered in Guatemala, where the performance will take place.

Latidos: I Sensi [Teaser]


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